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Bomb Threat - Ride With Us (
1.Ride With Us (feat. Tenth Dan)2.Red Rum3.What It Is (feat. Mute MC)4.Crew Aint Sick (feat. Masta Marx)


Bomb Threat debut EP 'Ride With Us' on 12" vinyl

4 tracks plus 2 exclusive accapellas & 2 instrumentals.


releases October 9, 2020

Produced by Caustic Yoda
Cuts by DJ Codeks
Lyrics & vocals by Mikoen & Aisha
Guest vocals by D.Clayton, D.Biggar & M. Marsters
Bass on "Ride With Us" & "Red Rum" by Jarv
Bass on 'Crew Ain't Sick" by Waza
Engineered by T.Kabanov at CWC Studio
Cover Art by Mikoen
Copyright Bomb Threat 2020