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DJ RONSHA & G-ZON - Ronsha Mix #192 (New Hip-Hop Boom Bap Only) (
DJ RONSHA & G-ZON - Ronsha Mix #192 (New Hip-Hop Boom Bap Only)
#HipHopShow supported by DJ Lord Jazz (Lords Of The Underground) / Tru Trilla / Mathias (CloaqxDagger) / Gary Rue / Ill Conscious / DJ TMB / Rapper Big Pooh (Little Brother) / Edo. G / Ras Kass / Termanology / Ruste Juxx / Slim One / Daniel Son / G4 Jag / DJ Enyoutee / Starvin B / John Jigg$ / Oblivious / Juxx Diamondz / The Bad Seed / Thonio / Infinito 2017 / St. Ivan The Terrible / Spittzwell / Tha Soloist, and more...
On-air Jeudi 20h / Thursday 8pm CET Paris.
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1- DJ Ronsha "Ronsha Mix Boom Bap Show Intro"
2- Slim One "Mad Lethal" (feat. Daniel Son & G4 Jag)
3- Oblivious "Grenades" (feat. DJ Slipwax)
4 Edo. G "See Da Light"
5- StarrLight "The Galaxy" (feat. Edo. G & Ras Kass)
6- CloaqxDagger "Bipolar" (feat. L. Bean)
7- SonikCuts "Grinding" (feat. Skyzoo)
8- Flee Lord "Funeral Home"
9- The Opioid Era "As Prescribed"
10- Struggle Mike "Helping Hand" [Remix] (feat. Hus Kingpin, RJ Payne & Spiderdagod)
11- Ruste Juxx & Amadeus 360 The Beat King "Burning Hot"
12- Defari "Don't Shoot"
13- BP "Off The Grid" (feat. Ras Kass)
14- Tha Soloist x A Dusty Cinema x Master Aim "Deep Inside The Clouds"
15- Gary Rue "War Chariots" (feat. Ill Conscious & Two Feathers) [Cuts by DJ TMB]
16- DJ Enyoutee & Starvin B "3 Times"
17- St. Ivan The Terrible "West 3rd At The Cage (feat. Misterman Cheers)
18- Josiah The Gift "Cus D'Mato"
19- Blu & Exile "The End" (feat. Dag Savage, Cashus King & ADAD)
20- SonikCuts "Superstar" (feat. Termanology)
21- Hus Kingpin "Say So" [Remix]
22- Wil Madden "Step Up" [Remix] (feat. Vince Moore & Waju)
23- LoGun Of Main Aim "Clashing Steel" (feat. Josh Bliss & Haze)
24- Grand Daddy I.U. "Get Mines" (feat. John Jigg$, Prince Po, Inf Da God & Lapiduss)
25- DJ Lord Jazz (Lords Of The Underground) & Tru Trilla "It's 050" (feat. Prince AK & Flykwa)
26- Oddisee "No Skips" (feat. Ralph Real)
27- George Fields "Tabernacle" (feat. Ill Conscious)
28- Coops "Crimes Against Creation"
29- Cas1 "Talk Is Cheap" (feat. Trizz, Stevie Crooks & Snazz Gaudy)
30- The Opioid Era "Junkie Screams"
31- Infinito 2017 "Followyourself"
32- Juxx Diamondz x The Bad Seed "Rock Tha Beat" (feat. Thonio)
33- EL Maryacho "Made You" (feat. Leaf Dog, Sonny Jim & BVA)
34- Buckwild (D.I.T.C.) "Ease Up" (feat. Little Brother)
35- Spittzwell x Boog Brown "The Unknown"