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AFEZZ aka Anthropos Funk Eimai - Eisagogi ston kosmo tou k​.​Afeka (PreOrder) (
AFEZZ the Funky Human, The friendly Neighbor, The one with the Dirty beats, the Roarer of Hellas, The Funk-Keeper.

"Eisagogi Ston Kosmo Tou k. Afeka (Introduction to the world of Mr. Afekas) is a concept album based on AFEZZ's 2 alter egos:
a). Anthropos Funk Eimai ( I am a Funk Man ) and
b). Afekas.

The story is narrated by a mysterious yet inquisitive psychotherapist who tries to identify and disrupt the personality of the subject under the code name “Mr. Afekas".

From the psychotherapist’s recordings… “Mr.Afekas suffers from hallucinations, a false view of the modern world, warped time perception, a strange and hyper-energetic behavior ,
personality disorder and, what’s more dangerous about him, is that he inclines more people to follow him."

Throughout 10 memo recordings and 10 songs the listener sees/hears the doctor going deeper into “Mr.Afekas” personality only to discover the first personality called "Anthropos Funk" eventually revealing itself, therefore changing the whole vibe of the album, as it starts to suppress the troubling personality of “Anthropos Funk”.

From a genre-POV the album is a mixture of classic boom...  more


releases August 30, 2020

Produced and arranged by : AFEZZ
Lyrics and performance : AFEZZ
Engineered by: Mad Lad ( Yannis Markopouliotis ) @Artracks Studios, Neo Psychiko, Athens, Greece
Graphic designs and Visual Concept: AFEZZ
Photography: Beatstrike

The whole album (except the memos and “San Deis”) was recorded at Artracks Recording Studios (Athens, Neo Psychiko, Athens, Greece) in 2019-2020.