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Sounds from the Dusty Cave | DSC (Instrumental) (
The album you are about to hear is our way of using turntables, vinyl records and drum machines as instruments to create music. This recipe consists of jazz, soul and hiphop sounds put together nicely in order to express our musical style and taste, and hopefully it will interact with you.

Some beats are made of sliced dusty samples, but this album also contains a fair amount of chord proggresions. Tasty basslines, hard hitting drums and precisely killer cuts. These are the main ingredients that's mixed together when a track is created inside our Dusty Sound Cave.

So sit back comfortably, kick your feet up, zone out and enjoy the music
because that's what it's all about!

DSC...Da Saga Continues.


releases September 1, 2020

Beats: Wa (Bbnz)
Cuts: Mechs
Mix/Master: Logos Apeili (iamhiphop)
Cover design: Mechs