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Don't Call Me by Conscious Route & True Note (
Conscious Route & True Note: Lost Routes

Track 'Don't Call Me' shot & edited by Andrew Mackenzie
Story boarded by Conscious Route
guest featuring Claire Macfarlane

Edinburgh-based rapper, Conscious Route and producer, True Note bring you their collaborative debut album, ‘Lost Routes.’

The album demonstrates the versatility of the duo as they bring a range of musical styles from hip-hop to grime and drum and bass, with tints of electronica and more. All the while, Conscious Route shows why he is more than just another rapper as he delivers different flows to speak on a variety of personal and political matters, from mental health and personal struggles to social commentary and experiences from his years in the music industry.

'Don't Call me' is a more modern take on the vintage hip-hop sounding style of a track, with a boom-bap era UK rap flow.

The Album release date is yet to be set, there is speculation of a late September/ early October release.
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