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Godfather Don - Beats, Bangers & Biscuits At 535 E 55th St | 90s Tapes (
1.I Was Forgotten 03:502.Ain't None Left 04:033.I Don't Care (Don, Don, Don) 04:294.Ill Funk Freaker 02:165.That's How I'm Goin' Out 04:086.Where'z The Skillz 02:347.MC's Out To Murder The World (Instrumental) 02:018.That's How I'm Goin' Out (Instrumental) 04:139.Forever, My Lady 03:4810.For Ya Ear 04:3911.Status (Solo OG Home Demo) 04:2212.Do My Thing 04:3413.7 Degrees Of Elevation 04:4114.Do I Come Off 04:0615.Listen Close 04:1216.Colors Of Death 04:1517.Step Up Front Feat. Mega Rat 04:2418.Stuck Off The Real (OG Home Demo) 03:4319.Burn (OG Home Demo) 04:1020.Respect A Duwe (Instrumental) 01:2021.The Artist (Instrumental) 01:1522.On A Clear Day (Instrumental) 01:1723.Black Pearls (Instrumental) 02:0024.Piano Beat 01:11


Strictly limited edition of 300 copies on gold colored vinyl. The 3LP gatefold set comes with soft touch sleeve, download, sticker and inlay card:

We at 90's Tapes are kind of speechless as another dream is becoming real for us with this release. As the title says, Don blesses us with beats, bangers and biscuits from his repertoire including "Status (Solo OG Home Demo" or "Burn (OG Home Demo)". We are super happy to finally share this gem with you and hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Here are some words from the artist himself:
"This release marks an exciting collaboration between me & 90's Tapes in which I have chosen along with the crew to release some of my favorite demos fans and collectors alike have sought after and asked me to "please make available" for years in a format like this. During the whole thing the HHV staff have been super cool from the start. They listened astutely, and invited me to offer any suggestions every step of the way, and made it a smooth, easy going affair overall - resulting in what I believe is a simply marvelous release that I sincerely hope will entertain and be enjoyed by all!"
Godfather Don, May 2020

Represent the real hip hop!


released August 20, 2020