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Spittzwell x Ekundayo: Summer Daze Vol. 2 (
1.The Intro (feat. maassai) 01:442.The Same Same (feat. Marcus Troy) 03:27lyricsbuy track3.The Trip (feat. Boog Brown & El Sun) 03:414.The Art of Love (feat. Clifton Haston on sax) 03:325.The Obatala Drum (feat. G.R.E.A.T. Scott) 03:506.The Destiny 03:127.The Outro 03:33


This a collaborative work consisting of seven songs. It is produced by Spittzwell and wrapped by me. I have a few special guests on there, maassai, Boog Brown, El Sun, Great Scott and Clifton Haston on saxophone.

Truly some good music. Spittzwell, once again created a full, rich, thought inspiring soundscape. Music is my therapy, it is my medicine. I used this opportunity to release some energy and expound on things on my mind. Ranging from Individuality, love lost, self love, self worth and the simple need to be at peace. To see the world in its present state from the perspective of a black man living in America.

“For me, this is an audio journal of sorts. A tangible record of me doing the self work, if you will.” - Ekundayo

Spittzwell x Ekundayo: Summer Daze Vol. 2


released July 31, 2020

Ekundayo Donegan/ Nyame Dua Publishing
Nick Gruttadauria / Spittzwell BMI
Elsie Swann/Boogie Brown Girl
Maassai Collier/maassai
James Woods
Quamilus Scott
Marcus Troy
DJ Nervex