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Summer Catalogue | East Hampton Polo Boys (
The Summer Catalogue is an idea born of inspiration.

Based on a stylish yet hapless tag team from WWE's Monday Night Raw, the East Hampton Polo Boys represent the sometimes fruitless pursuit of excellence. The album, Summer Catalogue,  is Saks 5th Avenue meets 80s-era Brooklyn Lo-Lifes meets LA weather and Southwest Philly street culture. LA Producer PANELS (Estee Nack, Rahiem Supreme, K. Burns) chose a decadent, yet sparse sample-based sound to meld with Philadelphia emcee Scorcese's deliberate, playful flow and layered wordplay. The result is a 10 song experience about the highs and, well -- LO'S-- of staying fly, wallowing in your own decadence, and the dangers of ignoring the inevitable crash. 
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