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Freshman Woes - Rap Dudes / [More] Rap Dudes (
1.Rap Dudes (feat. Homeboy Sandman & Blame One) 02:452.[More] Rap Dudes (feat. Blu, Planet Asia & MED) 02:53info


Prior to 2020, Freshman Woes released his music exclusively to Bandcamp and Soundcloud. This year though, he began releasing a slew of both old and new music to all major streaming services for the first time. Since doing so, he has had songs played on Shade 45/Sirius XM on both “The Smoking Section” w/ Trackstar The DJ & “Soul Assassins Radio” w/ DJ Muggs, Ern Dogg & DJ Julian Ramirez. His music has also been featured on playlists by 2Dopeboyz, Okayplayer, Mello Music Group, Rhymesayers Entertainment & Colemine Records. This 7” single includes two of his most popular tracks and not only marks his return to Bandcamp but also acts as a precursor to his upcoming full length debut set for release in 2021.

Produced by Freshman Woes / Scratches on Rap Dudes by DJ Mahf / Guitar on [More] Rap Dudes by Brad Leatherman / Vocals by Homeboy Sandman, Blame One, Blu, Planet Asia & MED / Mixed & Mastered by Tim Hanson at North Village Recording, Columbia MO / Artwork by Joshua Hoskins - @goldenleader


releases August 28, 2020