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Alecs DeLarge x Ash The Author - Wizards & Sprites (PreOrder) (
Opium Den Records UK is proud to present the new EP from Alecs DeLarge and Ash The Author, which comes off the back off their triumphant debut single, Jungle, which emerged at the start of the year.

Now they have reunited to reignite their creative spark and build it into an inferno of on-point lyricism and accomplished production.

The EP initially began as a two-track project, comprised of Microphone Wizardry, which was the first track Alecs and Ash worked on together back in 2018, as well as Gold Coins, which Alecs envisioned as a sort of take on Super Mario with Ash playing the lead role.

Fly Girl and Formula followed not long after, when Alecs sent his next batch of beats over for Ash to explore.

The result is a nostalgic blend of competent rhyming and 90’s era dusty NY-style production, which should easily satisfy both the older, discerning rap fan, and the more recent arrivals to the scene, who are looking for a sound that connects the old with the new skool.

As the title would suggest, there are also plenty of lighthearted fantasy references, delivered through both Alecs’ sampling and Ash’s bars.

- Words By Gingerslim


releases July 31, 2020

Raps - Ash The Author
Beats - Alecs DeLarge

Mixed & Mastered by J. Holmes for Opium Den Records UK