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Kareem Idris - Running To Her (Music Video) (
My favorite song on slavery. (Yes, not the best music video ever, I tried). Off the 2018 album "The Year in Color: Book 2 Presented to the Room" by Philadelphia rapper, Kareem Idris. At first, I thought Kareem Idris was an alias of rapper Cise Star from CYNE. He became a new artist to me, an intellectual who's well-versed in history and philosophy. Case in point with this track visualizing the thoughts of a slave planning an escape by his only means of running. This is a story about a slave who was born blind whose mother thought him how to run and empower himself despite the many obstacles.

● REVIEW: The song is beautifully written in the perspective of a slave with so many quotables like (0:10) "Born blind, my umi taught me how to run." Umi means mother in Arabic and he's implying that his mother taught him to escape as a runaway slave. (0:51) "Stolen past, granted future." Talking about slaves whose lives and legacy was stolen from them so they self-granted their own future. SIMPLY PUT, THIS IS REALLY THE BEST SONG I'VE HEARD ABOUT SLAVERY. How many songs do you ever hear with lyrics like (1:37) "My slavemaster was a frenchmen who was Christian who forced a slave religion that dichotomized the African into a body and soul to permeate the vision..." (2:13) was my favorite line.


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