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VajraGod - Linkages EP (
I purchased four of these beats off Haz' a number of years ago, and got around to writing to them when I was off my meds, while dating a girl named Carly, and experiencing a kundalini awakening. hehe ;)))

I then recorded the vocals at DJ Scizzorhands studio in rural Kumeu in around 2017, before going through an insane amount of suffering due to certain sucky things and people!

The final touches were added by Akshay Raju at Depot Sound in Devonport who created stripped back beats for the intro and outro, he also did the mixing and mastering of the project.

The cover was done by Grey Lynn artist Jarad Bryant, drawing on my Ngāti Pūkaki, Ngāi Te Rangi, heritage, in consultation with my elder whānaunga Pāora Tāpihana.

The stories on this one are very timely and important.

I would like to welcome you to a more developed view of the Super Māorio Brutha, VajraGodtheloverlover, whose first appearance was on 'I Know I Jam', on his Abbot, ESOL1GH's album, 'Brightness Sparks'. Enjoy! (((: . :))) Haere mai, everything is ka pai! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


released June 29, 2020

D. Patterson, H. Huavi, E. Noyer, J. Bryant, A. Raju.