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Benaddict - Rain Falls (Prod. Mr Slipz) (
The third single from Benaddict's new album 'Rain Falls', out now.

Produced by Mr Slipz.

Film by Kit Kelsey -

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"I’ve been thinking a lot about the ethics of dropping an album during these times. As a white male who has clearly benefitted from this fucked up system, and as someone who makes music derived from black culture, occupying a space for self promotion has felt very wrong.

It’s been a constant debate in my head about what to do, what to say and how to say it, what my true motives are and the correct action to take. Anyone who’s listened to my music or knows me personally, can probably tell I feel strongly about various social issues and try and speak my mind about them. I’ve always felt a level of white guilt, coming from a country founded on raping, killing and enslaving people of colour, and although the events that have triggered this movement have been terrible it’s amazing to see the change that’s coming from it already, I will continue to do what I can to keep it moving.

The question I consistently come back to is this - what can I do to help other people. The messages I’ve had in the past about how my music has helped people through an array of difficulties, some incredibly serious, makes me feel like although dropping the album now is uncomfortable for me, it may bring some comfort for others. This isn’t some kind of self serving, grandiose post, I’m just trying to be honest about my own scrambled thoughts.

The weird thing is that the narrative of ‘Rain Falls’ revolves around the ultimate self destruction of the human race, and how people (me included) are chasing our own satisfaction at the expense of others. So I can see its holds some relevance during this time. I realise this post has essentially made it all about me again, but It didn’t feel right to continue with the release without saying something.

Keep moving forward, spread love and let’s continue to fight this fight. Peace."