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Pseudo Slang x Pawcut - WhatWeerDealinWit (
At this moment in history when systemic racism and naziism are meeting forceful opposition worldwide, when ignorant individuals espousing those beliefs are now stepping into the light to be seen, we are standing with our peoples of color unequivocally demanding an end to the *uckery that birthed the nation called America.

Releasing this video for WhatWeerDealinWit is both to hopefully provide a brief reprieve from the devastation, anxiety, anger and isolation we all have been experiencing from the effects of witnessing horrific injustice amidst a pandemic, and an expression of gratitude + defiance via the greatest gift we‘ve ever received: - - - of being able to contribute within this universe-rattling art form of hip hop music, birthed by our black neighbors in the Bronx NY.

© 2020 Baby Steps Again / WTM
Shot+Edited by Arvid Wuensch
Supplemental footage provided by Creative Wanderers.

A Tri-Dimensional endeavor.
In Compliance With No Imperial Forces

#BlackLivesMatter #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd #AbolishPredatorySystems