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Hanzo Bladez - Birds of Prey (
GRIMEWAV's own, Hanzo Bladez, debut EP "Birds of Prey" now available on Bandcamp and coming soon to all DSP's.

For all the REAL hip hop heads...this one's for y'all! πŸ’ͺ🏽πŸ’ͺ🏽πŸ’ͺ🏽


Title: Birds of Prey
Artist: Hanzo Bladez
Features: Mo Rukuz, Enels, Noxxx, Lace Fueg, Miskeen Haleem, Iron Lungz
Producers: Hanzo Bladez, Enels, Iron Lungz
Cuts: BodyBagBen
Engineer: Enels
Cover Art: Deadly Album Covers


1. Birds of Prey (Intro)

2. Bite the Bullet - Hanzo Bladez ft. Mo Rukuz (Prod. Hanzo Bladez)

3. Birds of Prey - Hanzo Bladez ft. Iron Lungz & Miskeen Haleem (Prod. Hanzo Bladez)

4. The Feared One - Hanzo Bladez (Prod. Enels)

5. Drum Machine - Hanzo Bladez ft. Lace Fueg & Enels (Prod. Hanzo Bladez)(Cuts byΒ BodyBagBen)

6. Moment in Time - Hanzo Bladez ft. Noxxx & Enels (Prod. Hanzo Bladez)

7. The Habit - Hanzo Bladez (Prod. Iron Lungz)

All tracks were mixed and mastered by Enels from Mastermind Studios.


released May 20, 2020