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Peace, pray this message finds you safe & your family well my name is Gary

I understand life's hectic & the world is a mess but if you do have any
time to listen to new music. I would appreciate you checking out this new
track "Saving My Love" by The Mighty Capeech.

He is an incredible emcee/rapper who I manage who will take underground Hip
Hop back to the top of the charts. He is finishing up my new EP which will
be out shortly, much love for all your support.



Thanks for your time,

Description: “Saving My Love” is a verbal tongue lashing to an unfaithful
female by The Mighty Capeech, an epic love song about their time together.

The Mighty Capeech has been making ground on the CMJ Hip Hop Charts since
2015 with an upbeat feel & boom-bap, Primo-style beats (heavy drums and
soul samples) & raps that never disappoint. Influenced by Rakim, Gangstarr,
Mobb Deep & Tribe Called Quest. You were waiting for someone to bring that
90’s hip hop back, Capeech is your guy.

Artist: The Mighty Capeech

Track: Saving My Love

Producer: Rel McCoy

Style: Hip Hop Soul
Instagram - @themightycapeec h
Twitter - @Themightycap
Facebook: - The Mighty Capeech

Youtube - The Mighty Capeech
Soundcloud - The Mighty Capeech
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