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Nearly 1 year after May 2019's "SHARDS // MIDNIGHT MOORING", DRENT returns to strengthen his dialogue and collect himself on his newest album, "PIECES." The album was written and recorded during the Summer/Fall of 2018. The album is a collection of songs that prepared DRENT for future grief and examination of life choices...even now. If there's one thing "PIECES" offers, is the ability to catch one's breath, pick yourself apart, and finding hope in what once was and eternally the present moment. Become immersed and enjoy.


released May 22, 2020

Lyrics: Owen "DRENT" Lefebvre
Album Production: Tony Mahoney
Recording/Mixing/Mastering: Nicholas "DJ HEAD HONCHO" Sorel @ DNGR Studios in Warwick, Rhode Island
Director of Photography: Darrion Rose // IG @overgrownroses
Artwork Design: Jesse "Hateph34r" Gardner