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Pruven - Asiatic African Arts (PreOrder) (
1.Art vs. What (prod. by DJ M1)2.Chopsticks ( Ill Sugi)3.Hidden Rare (prod. by Quiet Genius)4.Diamond Pictures (prod. by Sizorhandz)5.Icepick Intellect (prod. by Scvtter Brvin)6.Mood Arrows (prod. by DJ M1)7.Raw Acoustics ft. Heem Stogied (prod. by BigHerco)8.Plenty Of (prod. by BigHerco)9.Tease Us (prod. by Bo Faat)10.Efficient Archers ft. Skanks (Bankai Fam) & cuts by Deejay Toshi (prod. by Kyo Itachi)11.Asian Math (prod. by Quiet Genius)12.Angola Wallet (prod. by Osho)13.Legit Messiah (prod. by Quiet Genius) cuts by DJ M114.Social Noose (prod. by QSI)15.Japan Arts (prod. by Ill Sugi)


Lyrics written by Pruven
Featured artist wrote their own original material
Album mastered by DJ Fred Ones of T.M.E. studios in the Bronx, NYC
Album art by DJ M1


releases June 21, 2020