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Xitanos Matematikos - The Streets of San Francisco (
1.Gypsy Intro ( feat. MarvUno ) 02:422.Greed Interlude 00:523.Wizadry 02:084.WizardLude 01:185.Fisherman's Murder (feat. Cochise and Mammal Family) 04:006.Sound Bites ( feat. K. Nightshyft ) 03:507.Do ya Homework Interlude 00:488.Rejuvenate Souls ( feat. Abstract Koncrete ) 03:059.My Pockets ( 3 Steps ) feat. Abstract Koncrete 04:1710.Don't Follow ( feat. Thomzo MD ) 03:0511.Snitch Gets a Stitch Interlude 01:2812.Imperial Jade ( feat. Abstract Koncrete ) 02:0613.Powder Burns Interlude 01:2614.Gypsy Cookies 03:0315.Who You ? ( feat. Cochise ) 01:4616.16 wit a bullet Interlude 00:5417.Solitude Sand Spit 05:20lyricsbuy track18.All Finished ( Solar Manifestation ) feat. Rezidue718 03:17


Album made solely of samples off VHS tapes of The Streets of San Francisco TV show from the 70's. All on the EMU SP1200 Drum Machine. A Cinematic Hip Hop Experience.
Majority of album created in 2011 - 2012. All Bay Area Artists.


released May 19, 2020

Produced by : WA.King.Kinetic , X9 (Xitanos Matematikos, SxOxAxRx, Abstract Koncrete )
Mixed and Mastered : Rezidue718 ( SxOxAxRx, Abstract Koncrete)
***All others noted by Track