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Highruallahz PCP Allstars - Go Figure | Supa Sounds (
This was the second release from the PCP Allstars, also known as Highruallahz PCP Massive. It contains five songs and an instrumental. Songs produced by C Jillz, Race Bannon, and Crown Jewelz. There was a limited edition vinyl run, and some of those promo editions have been uncovered. After we listened to this at Supa Sounds, we instantly knew this music has continued relevance and we wanted to share some of these vinyl copies with you!


released May 19, 2020

Rhymes: Race Bannon, Original Super Legend, Big Malcolm Little, Swams
Beats: Go Figure-C Jillz, Legend and Tha Legacy-C Jillz, Flash Remix-Race Bannon, Head Trippin- Crown Jewelz