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Maliko ft EDOG,SmifNWessun, Skyzoo,Guilty simpson,NDL,Reks, Ruste Juxx,Jamal Gasol,Eddie Kaine,RIM - THE LIGHT HOUSE | Bot'Fess Records (
1.BIM BIM BIM intro feat ROC2.Friendly Game feat Skyzoo3.Drama Free feat Guilty Simpson4.King feat Ruste Juxx5.Reks - Fade to Black Face feat REKS 02:57infobuy track6.Rap Thang feat Nejma Nefertiti7.Right Mind feat Smif N Wessun8.Taylor Made feat Guilty Simpson9.Work Hard feat Napoleon da Legend10.King Speech feat RIM11.Dirty Waters feat Jamal Gasol12.Crack Down feat Ruste Juxx, Dj Duke13.Gladiators feat REKS, Keith Murray , Z Dimention14.Pick Ya Poison feat Napoleon da Legend, Venomous 200015.Prove 'Em all wrong feat EDO G16.SPRAY feat Ruste Juxx, Maliko Remix17.Life Isn't a Fable


Lighthouse Album Hip hop legends in exclusive joints for the Botfess Records


releases July 15, 2020

Maliko beats
Dj Scribe