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Kryptik - Collective Thoughts (PreOrder) (
1.01 - Kryptik - Let It Breathe [Prod. Physiks] 03:452.02 - Kryptik - Tell Me Something [Prod. Crink] 03:363.03 - Kryptik - Oh Why (ft. Sonny Green) 03:004.04 - Kryptik - Ayahuasca 04:565.05 - Kryptik - Lonely Tear 01:276.06 - Kryptik - DMT 03:207.07 - Kryptik - Boaby Hit-The-Deck (ft. Lu Angel) [Prod. Tha Vilest] 03:328.08 - Kryptik - Shattered Dreams 03:569.09 - Kryptik - Burnout [Prod. Sik Sense] 02:5810.10 - Kryptik - Going Under [Prod. DJ Riseone] 02:1911.11 - Kryptik - Found The Love [Prod. Crink] 03:2912.12 - Kryptik - More Than A Feelin 03:2113.13 - Kryptik - You Want It [Prod. Crink] 03:0214.14 - Kryptik - Perched [Prod. Sterling] 02:20


'Collective Thoughts’ is the second studio album from Kryptik. Following a five-year hiatus since his last solo outing, ‘Necessary Evil’ and operating under the guise of MC Sexion of Delivery Room, as well as spearheading production for numerous other projects at ‘Dental Rekords’, Kryptik is back with a brand new 14-track album; his most personal release to date and a body of work spanning nine-years, literally collecting thoughts along his journey through life and conveying them through music.

‘Collective Thoughts’ gives you a front seat into his life experiences and revolutionary moments in a well balanced and easily digestible, story-telling format. Combined with a diverse and somewhat left-field soundscape, ‘Collective Thoughts’ goes against what’s currently trending and challenges otherwise taboo topics such as addiction, ego, self doubt, conflicts of a creative mind as well as tackling turbulence, trauma and other testing times from his own personal life. Kryptik shows no hesitation as he delves into previously uncharted territory and each track acts as a window into a specific time, life lesson or learning curve in a nostalgic yet strangely uplifting way.

A truly cathartic and healing project, closing doors on open wounds, ‘Collective Thoughts’ stands as a beacon for others...  more


releases May 17, 2020

All rights reserved. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Kryptik 2020.
All songs written by Kryptik. Artwork by @cwords