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Copius: Now & Then mix by Now Then (
Now and Then Mix; 19 tracks, unheard, unreleased and exclusively mixed for Now Then.Tracklist:C.O.W (Copiusbeats Ft. Copius)
Book Shelf (Copiusbeats Ft. Soul)
Ink and Tears (Copiusbeats Ft. Copius, Soul & Devon Francis)
A Lone MC (Q-Tip “Let’s Ride” Beat Ft. Copius)
Habituated Synonyms (Mute Speaker Ft. Copius & Nev)
The Chairman (Audiodoctor Ft. Copius & Last Words)
Come Down (Micall Parknsun Ft. Copius)
Ringo (Ringo Ruffsoul Ft. Copius & B.Lowe)
You Wanna Battle? (Otee the Dirty Scoundrel Ft. Copius)
Street Lights (Monma Ft. Copius)
Eagle Eyes (J Dilla “The look of Love” Beat Ft. Copius)
Shy Away (Zifhang Ft. Copius & Soul)
What a Way to Make a Change (Copiusbeats Ft. Copius)
I Wish (Nymano Ft. Copius)
Human Nature (Unknown beat Ft. Copius & BruceIsDead)
First Light (Tesk Ft. Copius)
Running Home (Jkbeats and Copiusbeats Ft. Copius & RYX)
Just Be (Copiusbeats Ft. Franz Von & Devon Francis)