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Skratch Bastid & Nick Bike - Stepchild (7" & digi-7") (
From Nick Bike:

OK - since this is on my bandcamp page I can write this, shame free.

Well over 10 years ago I had the CD of ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed’, a mixtape by Skratch Bastid. I was in my late teens for sure. A rookie DJ at best.

You’re not here to reminisce, so I will spare you most that junk. But let me assure you that I ran that MF CD front to back countless times over. I can tell you every mix and predict every single chirp cut. It’s perfect. A masterpiece. A pinnacle of the CD mixtape era.

Inside that mix was a rough edit called ‘Stepchild’. I had begged Bastid to finish it for many, many years. Until only a few years ago I figured out the sample from it. Finally, after much pestering, I cracked the code. I was fortunate enough to be invited to help get it going. Here we are.

The session was brought back to life and we tweaked it to the form you see here. For sure a b-boy and dancer hit. You need doubles. It doesn’t matter what’s on the B-side. You *need* doubles. It has literally been tried, tested and true for 10+ years. I have played drafts of this for the past two years at Bastid's BBQ.

Not that the B-side is any slouch. ‘BBQ Break’ has also...  more


released May 1, 2020