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Funky DL - Hip-Hop Jazz ...with Voices (
Featuring his signature style of romantic jazz melodies, Funky DL drops this themed instrumental compilation album entitled, "Hip-Hop Jazz ...with Voices".

Each track is laced with harmonic and melancholic jazz vocal-chorus chants throughout the audio as a soothing compliment to the boom-bap beats.

The compilation emanates a cinematic vibe throughout, with the soundscape acting almost like an enchanting Parisian street scene.

Featuring 17 instrumentals lifted from his albums "NANE", "Le Emporium De Jazz", "Incognito in Soho", "Blackcurrent Jazz 3", "Dennison Point" and "Life After Dennison", Funky DL also includes a brand new instrumental entitled "Star Hands", demonstrating once again how he taste-makes to perfection during this chilled playlist escapism.


released March 19, 2020

Produced by Funky DL for Washington Classics.