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Clifton - The Art of Power (PreOrder) (
In order to find who we are, we seek to control who we are not.
It is in these moments we struggle with identity, and the person we hope to become.
I hope this project is enjoyed by people of all backgrounds and circumstances.
Truly, I love what I do, and I'm excited to hear what you think.
Welcome to The Art of Power.


releases March 14, 2020

Written and recorded by Clifton
Track 9 recorded by Nathan Orlick of Active Progress
Mixed and Mastered by Nathan Orlick of Active Progress
Illustration by Micheal Austin
Graphic Design by Patrick Duri of Dskribe Design
Special thanks to Bianca Nilsson, Martin J Rippr and Thomas Drage

Production credits:
1. One - KMBL
2. Velvet Eyes - Legac.y
3. Déja Vu - TellingBeatz
4. I'll Be Round - Alive
5. Hollow - Syndrome
6. Sun Don't Shine - Syndrome
7. The Letter - TellingBeatz
8. No Excuses - Nagra Beats
9. Stand Alone - Mr Skandal