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The Big Payback vol.6: Black Market | Millennium Jazz Music (
1.Pabzzz - Precious Words 03:002.Loowps - Pipe Dreams 01:463.Costa - So Samba 03:51buy track4.Beasty P - You. One 02:105.IHPMAN - Daily Lesson 02:416.Bones The Beat Head - Withered 02:157.Gadget - Teary Eyed Beauty 03:318.SmokedBeat - The Spirit 02:249.Es-K - Maintain 03:0010.Dusty Ohms - Ohh Geezus 03:1011.Piotrek K & DJ Ph - Sharon Stoned 01:5312.Billa Qause - Donuts 02:0113.&aute&rom - Early Mornings 02:5014.Karmawin - Boombapprod 03:0715.RickMal & Jaze Baqti - Music To Ur Ears 02:5116.BeatzDogs - Under The Bridge 02:3217.Flip Physics - Energy Shift 03:0518.Skinnista - Got The Morbs 03:0119.Bare Beats - One Day 02:3020.GrandHuit - Return ft. Xixool 03:2121.Lost Loops - Seduction 02:0422.Park Lane O.G's - Stockton Saunter 02:5723.Stará Kazka & DJ Ph - Run Scared 02:1224.Stay Classy - Salute 02:1625.Wezt MAAD - Think Twice Before You Talk 01:4726.NoName KolektyF & Piotrek K - Element ft. Czez & DJ Myke 03:30


The Big Payback vol.6 is the biggest volume yet as the MJM artists linked with various musicians and creative friends who were keen to contribute to this special. For most of the artists involved it was a no brainer to commit to this dedication, while others were simply happy to be involved once they heard about the idea and the kinda individual we were out to salute.

So this one goes out to the one and only DJ Mr Lob (Melbourne, Australia). It would be hard to find a single DJ who has played and supported more of our material in their shows over the years than this man, and we're forever grateful. Long live the Lob!!!




released February 7, 2020

MJM158: TBPB#6 - Black Market
Managed, compiled and mastered by Gadget
Artwork by Bones The Beat Head
Executive Producer: D.J Lewis