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Various Artists - Produced by Mr Mensah - EXTRA TERRESTRIAL INTELLIGENCE EP (2005) (
1.quantumphizix - tommy evans 04:272.chip sandwich - antiheroes 02:373.nonterraqueous - salar 02:51buy track4.boxed off - spilla 03:155.quantumphizix - tommy evans (instrumental 04:346.chip sandwich - antiheroes (instrumental) 02:407.nonterraqueous - salar (instrumental) 02:568.boxed off - spilla (instrumental) 03:23


EXTRA TERRESTRIAL INTELLIGENCE EP - FEATURING TOMMY EVANS, ANTIHEROES, SALAR AND SPILLA AKA BILL SHAKES - PRODUCED BY MR MENSAH - originally released in 2005, this digital download release features instrumentals of all 4 tracks.


released March 11, 2005

quantumfizix written and performed by tommy evans
chip sandwich written and performed by lee scott and salar saajedi
boxed off written and performed by ian clements
nonterraqueous written and performed by salar saajedi
all tracks produced and mixed by mr mensah