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Eyedos - Bottom Shelf (
crazy as Hell with this rap, I'm splitting your head
like raising the helve of the axe I'm swinging instead
I'm making it sell, get it back but it will depend
so market yourself, get some ads and distribution
y'all playing yourselves like the cast of This Is The End
no breaking the spell that I cast while gripping the pen
you taking an L, this my craft, just listen to Ken
I break out my shell, get ya capped when triggering him
a live wire, the bomb, he a flashbang missing a pin
a Rottweiler, a Boxer, Bullmastiff mixed with a Pit
you a rat in the race, get back in your lane
I snap and a savage go ape, you'll be catching a case, no baggage claim
move like Cassius Clay, Uto-Aztecan vases fragmentate
hang with classier dames who go flashing them blades and frag grenades
slanging bags that are laced, doing acid embraced, a basket case
taking tabs I can taste, supernatural shapes and patterns change

It's that bottom shelf
another bottle's just a cry for help
so bottoms up
they into my bars like its on the house
another round
knock em back, now only time will tell
bet my bottom dollar with the cards that I've been dealt
lost myself
another bottle's just a cry for help
so bottoms up
they into my bars like its on the house

Flip the script like I'm selling screenplays, you acting on stage
where traps are all placed, I'm a dragon enraged when passing you flames
get a piece of your ass to replace, skin grafting your face
punchlines like a jab and a hay-maker collabing on tape
Captain Caveman fasten the cape and you catching a fade
get dragged to my cave, then ya shackled and caged with the bats and the snakes
sinking my teeth in with bad blood, that's Dracula's veins
squeezing arms and no blood pressure gauges, packing M80's
funnel my profit underground like it's crack in the 80's
flow on a track, no debating
choke on your gas, in my chamber
got rapping down to a science, grown in a lab in the basement
restraining audio files in ropes and those straps, I'm a sadist
the strangest audiophile with sociopathic behavior
you janky copping my style, no smoke, or you catching the vapors
so well-adapted to hate, more potent than wax on the paper
ride or you're two-tired to peddle so then you dab on the pavement


I'm drinking again and I'm getting all faded
I'm feeling the pressure and never gon' make it
too real on a record, ain't making you famous
they taking your cheddar and shaking your cage
like a rat to the "feta" Tekashi, they paid him
I'm back in the basement to rack em and break it
so face it.. you're picking ya poison
no chasing.. you spit it with poise and
I been at the bottom but handle my liquor, that Jameson,
Jack and that Mark and that Booker's
ya need to get friends and your family with ya
ain't making no jack on the market and booking
jus "Saiyan" I got the conceit of Vegeeta
so gimme a reason to defeat my demons
they feed on me, fiending for energy leaving
the best of me deep in depression but living the meaning of freedom and seen him fending for everything breathing
been nothing but heat when I speaka my 'peace'
I be deep in the cut with the beef and I'm eating it up on the beat

it hurts and the pain of the music will bind us, some breaking to pieces
throw dirt on my name and abusing my kindness, they take it for weakness
been circling prey and I'm moving to silent to wake em, who sleeping
that's affirmative, aiming at futile connivers who claiming they region (x2)

got my bottle from that bottom shelf
but I feel like a zombie in a hollow shell
so blind the time they follow, it ain't hard to tell
that's why I get around like ain't nobody else (x3)


released January 13, 2020
Written, recorded, produced & mastered by Eyedos