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The Dungeon | VON POE VII: Ep.3 - The Fear of God (
The Dungeon, a collaboration between Threat Culture Media, and Forever Villainous, centers around in-house performances by VON POE VII, of some of his favorite songs and verses from The TPOLAW Trilogy collection, and the extended Diary of The Se7en EPs, that accompany it.

Shot entirely in VON POE VII's personal studio. We hope you enjoy the songs, and hope you take the time to visit his official site, where you will find the lyrics and video breakdowns to his audio library. Long Live The Villainous Poe. Threat Culture.

The Dungeon | Ep.3 - The Fear of God

Ayo they couldn't tell me nothin / I walked away from money / Plenty times in my discussions / While hurting on the rent / Ayo my stubborn pride defeated a lost cause / And everybody wanna be a rapper, just lack flaws / I'm seeing all these sponsorships / Looking out my rear view / Aye baby, what that fame like? / See I ain't never been you / When the revelation pops off / I'll be chillin with my socks off relaxing / And long live the villain is what I'm chanting / The industry had me fucked up / I told them that they better off without me / I don't do this for the fame / This ain't no Chance The Rapper rappin' / They see the cash, and they quit to throw they life away in a basket / But I ain't been a part of that cloth / Won't catch me lackin' / You speaking fashion / I'm speaking about the prodigal sun / Not the son in the flesh / The infinite, illuminite one / Cause we all from that / While everybody's lost in this oblivion / I'll be chillin on my lonely with the brodies / Counting dividends, I feel that / While everybody's lost in this oblivion / I'll be chillin on my lonely with the Holy / Get my spirit right.

Album: Diary of The Se7en I
Production: NK Music

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