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Marc Swing & Wildelux - Open Letters | IBMCs (
This time around the Bronx veteran emcee Wildelux is teaming up with Swedish music producer Marc Swing to bring you a banging well produced 15 track album entitled “ Marc Swing Presents Wildelux Open Letters “. Open Letters is a deep introspective journey into the thoughts of Wildelux as a musician and as a man.

Matched with Marc Swing’s intricate, musical production the project comes together as a solid body of work. With the album taking about 3 years to complete, you can hear in each track, it was well thought out with precision and care. It truly feels like embarking on a journey in a sonically, colorful musical universe. The bottoms of the tracks have that traditional boom bap 90’s feel to it, with driving heavy bass and incredible lush sounds on the top end.

With collaborations with mostly Swedish artists on the album with the likes of Black Fist, Division Gringo’s Ture Butler and Skoob, adds a different dynamic to the overall sound. Wildelux also called on the services of New Jersey’s rugged emcee King RA and Utah’s heavyweight emcee Enee One to complete the project.

Many people asked how did this project come together. For Marc Swing it all started in the basement of a friend’s house in Boden, Sweden with cassettes, vinyl, paper, and a pencil...  more


released January 25, 2019

All tracks produced, mixed and mastered by Marc Swing
All tracks written by Wildelux except for tracks 2 (King RA ),6 (Black Fist ),10 (Ture Butler) and 12 (Skoob and Enee One)
cuts by DJ Statos on track 1 "Animal Instinct"
cuts by DJ A.M on track 2 "The Advancing Man" and track 10 "Bla Bla Bla"

Artwork by Mark Swing, Wildelux & Milorad Grubor aka MG Gost.

Marc Swing