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Aesop Rock & TOBACCO are Malibu Ken - Tuesday (Official Video) (
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Video Credits:
Director — Rob Shaw
Producer — Rebecca C. Wells
The Guy — Matthew Lask
The Cheese Kid — Zoe Shaw
The Cheese Man — Andy Cunial
Director of Photography — Rodrigo Melgarejo
1st Assistant Camera — Lane Clark
Gaffer — Eric Macey
Art Director — Jade Harris
Make-Up Stylist — Kameron Gates
Colorist — Orland Longlight
Second Unit Camera — Alex Fattal
Special thanks to Robert D'Esposito

Song Lyrics:
There's something you should probably know before we go too far, my neighbor found a mushroom growing inside of my car, she called me up on tour sounding emotionally scarred although it may have scared her more that I wasn't really alarmed, the dandruff in a shaken globe is fit to guild a manger, the pizza face is pepperoni, carbuncle, and caper, I'm bunions and contusions, bumps, lumps and bruises, discoloring and other things I can't reach with the loofa, not a butcher, not a baker, pick a booger with a basic evolutionary failure, I do not open mail, I do not answer phones, the fridge is pretty much a home for mayonnaise alone, watch a pocket-knife surgeon cut a cyst out in the kitchen, it's the cousin to acutely removing his own stitches in a pinch, Kool-Aid ooze out his toothache, mushroom growing in the car, it's just another Tuesday.

And if you waiting for a spell where it falls into an order you can help then well, yea… no.

On one hand it's pretty gross, on the other, it's sorta like a pretty desert rose, how against all odds, whether wet, dry, night or day, garden, pig sty, or cave, life science finds a way, boxed-in, veg'd out, fox in the henhouse, gray-stained teeth, say cheese through a trench-mouth, “Cheeeeese”, chase dreams with the hell-bound, posture suitable for a job in the bell tower, 1 plate, 1 fork, itty bitty lamp, I would offer you a drink but I literally can't, it feels like you’re camping when your sitting on the can, where the crib has always simulated living in a van, a little light cleaning, keep the spiders off his Eden, maybe one day he'll go deeper, really exorcise the demon at the root, I'm in the sofa cushions over loose change, black mold bath tub, homie it's a Tuesday.

And if you waiting for a spell where it falls into an order you can help then well, yea… no.

I can't even keep a cactus alive when I'm present, when I'm gone it's a groundbreaking botanical epic, from desolate to Little Shop of Horrors in a second, it's weird knowing life thrives more when you exit, the trouble man cuddle with a duffle bag of loose cash, chews glass scatterbrained, Aspartame mustache, moi, head lice, dress like a douchebag, unsaid prayers, undead raccoon hat, voice of the boiled over, thick skull, still throw his toys out his stroller, piss black roof tar, bleed flat cherry coke, very much another wack-job with a megaphone, very much another fat slob playing chess alone, lesser known fetish porn, leftover Lexapro, et cetera, everything's coming up goose eggs, Sunday, Monday happy days, Tuesday is Tuesday.

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