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Dillon Presents: Ride With Lobsterdamus (Official Video) (
Taken from the album, Dillon Presents: 'The Tails of Lobsterdamus'
Streaming on all platforms & available on Limited CD/Vinyl via FULL PLATE at

Raps: Lobsterdamus
Beats & Cuts: Dillon

Lobby Dame: Janie Kol
Shark: DJ Kerosene
Seahorse: Ashley Miles
Octopus: Daytripper
Spear Fisher: Tuamie
Sweedish Fish: Brannon Boyle
Snorkler: Yamin Semali

DP: Mike Bremer
1st AC: Kyle Ware
2nd AC: Max Yoder
Edited by: Dillon
VFX: Ben Martin for Media Team

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