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Frank Vanegas Releases “Steady Rise” Alongside Eye-Catching Music Video (
“Steady Rise” is the title of Colombian American Hip-Hop artist Frank Vanegas , a pure rap track with a myriad of traditional Hip-Hop elements incorporated throughout the joint. “Steady Rise” features Vanegas at his best, delivering emotionally charged verses that demonstrate his ability to juggle between genres and subgenres with effortless mastery. He is able to find his own sonic pattern no matter what he does, a prowess very few rappers can achieve. 

Building on the momentum created with his previous drops, “No Birthdays”, “Rubix Cube”, and “Stars Align”, Frank Vanegas continuously proves he is one of the most important figures within the urban music scene with the quality of his releases, and “Steady Rise” will undoubtedly expand his audience.