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Him Lo - Wu Lo (Official Video) (
Produced and Video directed by Him Lo. shot and edited by Uncle available on Him Lo solo album "Prince Akeem Jewelz" on Grilchy Party Records at Grilchy Party website and Fatbeats.
A shout-out to WU TANG one da biggest influencez to Him Lo n DA BUZE BRUVAZ

Him Lo strikez once again with another incredible album titled "PRINCE AKEEM JEWELZ" az a follow-up to his first solo project "OJ GLOVEZ".This time he returns on a mission to prove to both listeners and doubterz that not only can he put together a classic album as a solo artist but also an exceptional producer.This entire play list of 12 jewelz are put together by Him Lo himself as part of a mission to establish himself az a respected producer n beat maker.This album is also very limited with guest appearances with only a feature from Clever 1 n a feature from Natalia.Crack open a beer n enjoy!!!!!!