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Starrlight x Mr. Beemer - Neila (
Extraterrestrial life does exist on this planet.

It is the power of words to shift worlds, the poetry that is the vessel to examine ourselves, the feeling to lose yourself in. This sighting is not a life form on another planet, it is another form of life on this planet. And her name is Starrlight!

An "Alien" is everything you have ever imagined, and nothing that you have ever seen. Poetic and raw, her message of authenticity is clear and urgent and wrapped within the nature and spirit of Hip-Hop that is the orbit of everything.

Starrlight couldn't end 2019 without releasing a new project for her fans. She teamed up with Mr. Beemer and created an EP called 'TNEREFFID'.

Not only is she different but this project will also be a different experience for her fans to listen to. Cause as we all know she loves to switch flows and choose completely different styles of beats on every project. The box you will try to put her in, does not exist!

Enjoy the 1st Video of the New EP 'TNEREFFID'