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The Jerzadelphians - Era Of The Get Back (
CHEMISTRY (ˈkeməstrē) is defined the complex emotional or psychological interaction between two people. Emcee P-Rawb (New Jersey) and producer Shane Great (Philadelphia), known as hip-hop duo The Jerzadelphians, embody such. Their chemistry is apparent. It’s admirable. It’s hip-hop. Remember the first time hearing Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth? Or, say, Gang Starr? Their connection as producer/emcee packages were precious, and irreplaceable to say the least.

- Chris Matteis, RESPECTMag Jan '16


released November 29, 2019

lyrics: P-RAWB


cover illustration: Chris 'Dreadsolo' Matteis

album design: Shane Great & Collin Venuto

this album is dedicated to Dave Roberts, Rich Quick, all of our family and friends. God bless & One love!