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Lefspek - Open Oak (
A reflection of the influence hip hop has had on me as an artists. Many collaborative efforts combine to bring boom bap to my expressions of my experience over the last ten years.


released November 29, 2019

1. Open Oak
Beat by Nur Konnect

2. Head To The Heavens
Beat By I.khan, Featuring Mindbender
Cuts By Lefspek

3. Endless Wordplay
Beat and Cuts by Lefspek
Featuring Dope Lekcha,

4. Daddy Hustle
Beat by Nur Konnect

5. Message From Morris Ep. 1
Beat by Morris Cold, Featuring Morris Cold

6. Turn It Around
Beat by Lefspek

7. Positive Over Negative
Beat by Nur Konnect, Cuts By Jabbathakut

8. Change
Beat by Remulak, Cuts by Jabbathakut

9. Message From Morris Ep. 2
Beat by Morris Cold, Featuring Morris Cold

10. This Is What It Sounds Like
Beat By Krooklyn

11. Organic
Beat by Nur Konnect

12. Rise Up
Beat by Lefspek, Cuts By Jabbathacut

13. Message From Morris Ep. 3
Beat by Morris Cold, Featuring Morris Cold

14. Try
Beat by About9

15. Take A Look
Beat by I.Khan

16. Own Sound
Beat by Nur Konnect, Featuring. Dope Lekcha
Cuts by Lefspek

All tracks recorded, mixed and mastered by Lefspek at Ascension
Studio, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Cover Art By Danny Lamp