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Calig Kontra - Simian Automatic (
1.Out of Body 01:582.Valkyrie 02:453.Duval 02:224.Gator Rogowski (ft Shabaam Sahdeeq) 02:525.Cloverfield 02:30infobuy track6.Goons Bible 02:587.PsyOps Cyclops 02:368.Crown (ft Pace Won) 02:229.What Am I Doing Here??? 03:0210.Self-Destruct Button 03:0211.Suicidal Monolith 02:4412.Simian Conflikt 02:0213.Frank Vincent (ft I.N.F.) 03:2414.Cyberia 02:0415.Radiation (ft C-Rayz Walz & Respect Tha God 02:5016.Divide and Conquer 02:42


Simian Automatic, The audio cult flick from Calig Kontra...16 full tracks of beautiful insanity.


released October 18, 2019