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Otis Mensah - TED TALKS (Official Music Video) (
'TED TALKS' is the beginning of a new EP "Rap Poetics". Explore rap as an intellectual art-form and potent medium of poetry in the face of a white-washed, elitist art world. Focus on the power of vulnerability and artistic expression as emotional communication. An ode to valuing art as activism in the face of oppressive systems. In the vein and nature of Hip-Hop, alchemizing worlds from words in celebration of the culture.

STREAM/PURCHASE the full EP "Rap Poetics" here:

Ted Talks
Produced by Daryl Donald.
Recorded by Michael "titch" Townsend.
Mixed and mastered by the intern.

Ted Talks
It might take a nation of millions
to save a generation that’s built on raping and pillaging.
try and diminish, erase the plague that we’re living in raise up the syndicate
eyes of fire like straight from Nineveh nirvana's similar
bars linear, mimic the large pinnacle
so formidable, we all lose dreams to pendulums
if ain’t in your playlist then it’s Schindler’s; that’s life and death.
The minister administers dope art from the pulpit
flip Mozart and some cosmic jazz
bridges over illiterates
I aliterate like BANG BANG
doing handstands top of bandstands
hard but vulnerable; when it comes to styles I just rock both
Wu Tang meets Duran Duran
write memoirs on a Bandcamp.
Rappers a bunch of doppalgangaz
I surpass the standard
only splash the canvas with what’s candid.
My name in your mouth like Candida
I tickle stanzas
tantras that turn to ego-tantrums
pantomime in my hand but I might dance this
Iand slide in the sand but I just ride my demise
you a Dolly the sheep
watch me polish the beat
about to breach what’s the mark of the beast
go call the police I might tarnish the streets

bogart where the flows starts
hide in haikus
pull heart from where the lows lurk
early bird caught the early book worm, so lark solar, burns
where I write my words I might say my peace.
so prodigious but you should probably abolish this
mother birthed me an oddity
you basic like monarchist
abrasive like bondage
you say don’t waste your time with politics;
I search for the cure like Robert Smith
wash my body, I body this.

I need Ted Talk
I need an early night
I need a tiny desk need to stay up and write.
I need a new beginning I need a fresh start
I need a new shell
I need some new art.

I need solidarity
I need solitude
give me some solitude
trying to solidify my dreams;
how would you do it what would you do?