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PSIX - The mystical voice of the spirit world (full album) (
produced mixed and arranged by Psix

performed by Agallah, Rhymageddon, King Mike V, Tragic Allies, Rook da Rukus, J. Smith, Ruthless Bastards, EQ, K-Rino, Sha Gotti, Bliz Laden, Stumik, Reborn Allaw, Thun & Tyrone, Big Gastino, League of Shadows, Nico The Beast

1. The Wolfman. ft. Agallah 04:44
2. Y Battle U. ft. Rhymageddon 03:32
3.Bad Lieutenant. ft. King Mike-V 05:21
4.Comin' Through. ft. Tragic Allies 05:25
5.Circus Atmosphere. ft. Rook da Rukus 04:06
6.Roughneck Hip-Hop. ft. J. Smith 04:19
7.Crime Round Up. ft. Ruthless Bastards 04:30
8.Wishing On A Dream. ft. EQ 04:31
9.That's How You Do It. ft. K-Rino 05:54
10.Real. ft. Sha Gotti, Bliz Laden & Stumik 04:13
11.Reborn Allaw. ft. Reborn Allaw 03:14
12.The Killers Are Kings. ft. King Mike-V 04:30
13.There Is Life After Death. (Interlude) 00:47
14.Skull Meets Hammer. ft. T-N-T 05:04
15.Hit 'Em. ft. Big Gastino 03:40
16.Allies Of Terror. ft. League of Shadows 04:44
17.The American Dream. ft. Nico the Beast 04:06
18.Revenge. (Interlude) 01:32
19.The Count Of Monte Cristo. ft. Sha Gotti 03:58
20.Let's Go Home. (Outro) 01:04

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