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Eddou XL - No Mistakes in Jazz (Santa Cruz, California) (
Creating in accordance with the tenets of boom-bap music, Eddou XL is known to marry loops and breaks with certain aplomb. His new album No Mistakes in Jazz finds him, instead, bringing deep crates to the musical proving ground commonly known as “the woodshed.” By applying the improvisational techniques of acoustic musicianship and ensemble practice to electronic samplers, Eddou XL is able to reimagine the time-honored music of the jazz canon through a delicate mosaic of raw, appropriately dusty and sometimes obscure jazz samples. Tailored to uphold hip-hop’s long-standing relationship with breakbeats, No Mistakes in Jazz is a soundscape where methodical drum patterns reinforce buttery melodies and dissonant chords alike with requisite funk. Found sounds mingle with crisp, hyaloid phrases and a murky bottom register to a surprisingly ethereal result. Each track on No Mistakes in Jazz is sourced from recordings that demonstrate the diverse range of eras and styles encompassed by the jazz genre. The album produced using the SP-303, vinyl loops and 808 accents, is the first full-length release from Eddou XL to feature this linear, free-form approach to recording programmed beats with “on-the-fly” edits. The end product is a dynamic and aesthetically unique body of work that stands as a much more forward, playful and...  more


released October 11, 2019

Produced and mixed by Eddou XL for Akbar's Villa Fund, ASCAP. Mastered by Francisco Ortiz. Sticker art by SOL. Album bio by Karas Lamb.

To my wife Elizabeth; thank you for everything you do to support and inspire me to do what I do. Our bad album title brainstorming sessions are the best. I love you.