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Krash Slaughta vs B.I.M. - '18 Showdown EP (teaser) by New Dawn Records (
Out on December 6th 2019, this is the teaser for the fourth & final EP in an initial relaunch series celebrating the return of New Dawn Records after a 15 year sabbatical.A release schedule for 2020 by new signings from the USA & UK will be announced shortly.The series began earlier this year with Underground Cartel’s “Sapientia EP”, an international collaboration featuring artists from the USA, UK, Europe and Africa, and Belles in Monica’s “Y’All in Meltdown” and “Natsukashii” EP’s which included special re-worked vinyl classics and previously unreleased material by the hip hop crew on digital formats for the first time.Krash Slaughta vs B.I.M. “ ‘18 Showdown ” is a collection of all remixes produced by the legendary turntablist, DMC Finalist and II Tone Committee member for the group.Renowned through the years for his trademark unique production style fusing imaginative experimental soundscapes with driving beats and exquisite scratching techniques, it was a meeting of like minds given the group’s own distinctive musical approach and lyrical subject matter.Included in the EP, “What D’Ya Need” travels into the destructive dark recesses of a narcotic inner city world, while the fuel injected funk and cutting frenzy of “Meltdown” invokes the chaos related in the rhymes. The mash up of soul, driving bass and off kilter effects blends the themes of “That All U Got?”, as does the unrelenting potency of “Resistance is Futile II”, the metaphorical dystopian vision of a future crashing towards an explosive finale.There is also a filmed video of this EP teaser on Youtube by INgrooves, the EP will be available to download and stream from all major digital stores & platforms.Promotional enquiries can be addressed to our in house division UrbanElite PR ([email protected])You can keep up to date with all New Dawn Records' news online by visiting the following :WEBSITE
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