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Big Shug - Still Big (prod. by DJ Premier) 'The Diamond Report' Is Available Now for Pre-Order! (
The Diamond Report (Pre-Order):’s a Gang Starr Foundation celebration on “Still Big,” the tough-as-nails new single from Big Shug that features DJ Premier’s signature head-nodding production and scratching. And to make the cipher complete, Premo laces the hook with a Guru sample from Gang Starr’s classic, “Put Up or Shut Up.”The track stems from Shug’s upcoming album, 'The Diamond Report,' which solidifies several things about the Boston rap stalwart. First, there’s his unrelenting passion for the craft even after multiple decades in the game, which he sums up eloquently when rapping, “Infinite torch, my flame’s eternal.” And then there’s his unquestionably keen ear for production, as he goes-in over this dope Premo instrumental.Finally, there’s his loyalty to the artists who helped him get where he is today. You hear this not only in the Guru sample, but also when Shug shouts out his late friend and fellow rap royalty. He of course does the same for Premo, who he calls his brother. “Our chemistry has always been great,” Shug says of collaborating with Premier. “At some point we’ll do an album that he’ll produce entirely.”While you sit and ponder what an entire Shug and Premier project would sound like, go ahead and support “Still Big” through your preferred digital retailer or streaming platform. 'The Diamond Report' is available now for pre-order through iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and Bandcamp, and becomes available through all DSPs on Oct 25 via Brick Records.Tracklist:
01. Diamond Report (Intro) (prod. by Bryce Quiz Quinn)
02. EMF (prod. by DJ Premier) 
03. Dirty Rat (prod. by Brutal Caesar)
04. Keep It Cool (feat. M-Dot,  B.A.M & International Dreez) [prod. by Lil Fame]
05. Old Man Rapper (prod. by Ben Malick)
06. Doing My Shit (prod. by Thir(13)teen)
07. Don't Understand (prod. by Mike Martinez) 
08. I Gotcha (prod. by Reel Drama)
09. Stay The Course (prod. by Elevated Music)
10. Interlude (prod. by Big Shug)
11. Still Big (prod. by DJ Premier)
12. All I Need Is You (prod. by Kid Called Quest)
13. Okay (prod. by Reel Drama)
14. Too Much (feat. Big Chat) [prod. by Big Chat]
15. Play Your Hand (prod. by Reel Drama)
16. No Real Rappers (feat. M-Dot & Singapore Kane) [prod. by Reel Drama]
17. Days Of My Life (prod. by Reel Drama)
18. Get Some (prod. by SMIDI WATERS)
19. Why Hate (prod. by SMIDI WATERS)
 20. You Ain't About It (prod. by Kid Called Quest)
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