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Solocypher - Drug Runner EP | Preciptoman (
Drug Runner EP

Reflections from Solocypher

It’s been a real pleasure to make this record with Bernard James. Being on tour with the Preciptoman gang when I first joined the label made me feel like a proper rapper again after a general hiatus; at that time I was going through a hefty bout of depression but being amongst like minded artists really helped me cling on and keep the love of rap music an anchor during a turbulent time.

Working my way through mental health issues and into a much more positive mindset and hugely improved level of health I have encountered an awful lot of information that continues to excite and interest me and makes me want to share it with the world. Much of it I see as incredibly enabling not just for those with difficulties, but for everyone in general who are looking to improve or optimise their life, and this EP marks the start of this ongoing journey.

Sharing information and strategies that have helped me is the essence of the concept behind 'Drug Runner'. Our bodies are incredible instruments and by doing things such as running, engaging in sports, meditating, working towards big goals and with many other strategies we can actually reverse engineer our neurochemical...  more


released September 24, 2019

Lyrics by Solocypher
Produced, mixed, mastered by Bernard James
Artwork by Bernard James
Released by Preciptoman 2019 ©