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YAMMS by Dre Trav x Tall,Drk (San Diego) (
"Khalil Gibran meets Ras G"NBC San Diego 

The underground San Diego based emcee Dre Trav (Andre Travis) and producer Tall,Drk (Trey Carroll) earned widespread acclaim right out of the gate with their debut album, YAMMS (You Always Made Me Smile). Critics crowned the record as the, seemingly, perfect marriage of Dre Trav’s transparent raps and Tall,Drk’s Flying Lotus and Ras G inspired production. 

While Dre Trav was working with Gabonano on the "rareFLWRS LP" and Ralph Quasar as CALiens duo on his own label Wats Today, Tall,Drk was recording a series of beat tapes "the, Gallery" and "the Kickback" series with producer H/lf. 
Dre Trav & Tall,Drk, who then hit it off deciding to work on something without immediate direction, just going with the flow, then, in 2019 released YAMMS, putting them both in the public eyes of fans of the alternative rap scene. 

Dre Trav’s Wats Today joined to french imprint a night on canopy to release this beautiful achievement on vinyl.