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Demmene Syronn - You're Not Alone [VIDEO] (
Demmene Syronn (a.k.a. Dirty Ice), half of the Providence based Hip
Hop group “DirtyDurdie,” is launching a solo campaign laced with the
most personal music he’s ever released.
The lead
single “You’re Not Alone” is produced by Rhode Island's best kept
secret, AD Beats. The song paints a graphic picture of what it's like
for many people entrenched in the dark world of substance abuse and the
not so glamorous facets of what happens behind closed doors.
to Demmene, the song was written to combat the public inclination to
judge those who suffer from addiction. The intention is to let them know
that despite general perception they are not the only ones who struggle
with the consequences of personal missteps. Demmene has courageously
offered his story so as to lead the charge for those who feel trapped by
social stigmas.  The overall goal of the song is to inspire those who
can relate and to show that substance abuse is not a death sentence, but
instead a challenge that can be overcome and left in the past.cleardot.gif


Behind The Bars

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