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Freddie Black & Ras Beats - I Kno produced by Ras Beats (
First time collaborators Freddie Black (The Black Tape,
The Black Tone EP), and Ras Beats (The High 5, Control Your Own) cross
state lines and join up for the eyebrow raising “I Kno”.Black
sounds in the zone on the Ras Beats track "Money on my mind like it's
all that I think about, going house to house like a kid on his paper
route”. Quotable bars on this  "A 3.5 what u think that gets ya, you
scratched on the 8ball now you up a river"The Rhode Island/New
York City duo display true chemistry. Combining Ras’ Piano, Synth and
percussion  driven production with Black’s thought provoking lyricism
the song takes you back to the classic MC and producer formula and at
the same time bringing you some brand new music for ‘19 and beyond.
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    Blaze welcome mates
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