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D-FAZ - OneNationUnderDog (PreORder) (
Born 3 years ago, this alternative hip‐hop / electro band results from a chance meeting of vocalist BRZOWSKI (Portland,ME USA) and the “Studio Pirate” team at a club show in Lyon, FR nearly 4 years ago. 
Ronan a.k.a. NoizeMaker joined the ranks recently, bringing the band a step further in electronic exploration. 
These 4 musicians take us through a pulsating electro‐organic universe, blending traditional instruments, programming and sampling, capped with avant‐garde rapping and sung vocals. 
This authentic union has aimed to unify around the gravity of youth‐culture and invite the listener to trip across multi‐layered sonic landscapes‐ sometimes percussive, often dark or progressive, collecting diverse influences around a common foundation: bass music and alternative rap. 
The lyrics attempt to erase the division between “I”, “We” and the dreaded faceless adversary, “Them”. DFAZ is about “Us”, with no place remaining for misguided individualism and selfishness, flying in the face of our modern epoch’s greed‐driven values. 
Lyrics, flow and BRZOWSKI’s coded verbal lexicon serve as the lookout of the sonic ghost‐ ship of D‐FAZ. 
First S/T EP recorded in “Jarring Effects” studio, officially...  more


releases September 18, 2019 

releases September 12, 2019 

All songs produced by D-FAZ 

All lyrics written by BRZOWSKI except for track 04 and 06 written with Oddateee 

Mixed by Will Haunting and mastered by Alan Ward. 

Artwork by Mathias Monnerie 

# D‐FAZ 

Will | Guitars – Synth – Machines 
Noize Maker | Synth – Machines 
Yako | Drums – Machines 
BrzowskiI | Vocals 
Oddateee | vocals tracks 04 & 06 
Scratch | DJ Rfb 
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Booking : Vincent - [email protected] 

(c) & (p) D-Faz / Dora Dorovitch 2019