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Shabazz The Disciple Hip Hop Casino And Solemn Oath Snippets (
Shabazz The Disciple "Hip Hop Casino" & "Solemn Oath" 7" Single
Ship Date: September 20, 2019
These are 2 unreleased tracks from Shabazz The Disciple 1994 Vault!
Shabazz states: "I'm putting my blue chips on the table and controlling the bank on this bet, Hip Hop is a gamble like being in the casino! We bet big to win big!! It was a Solemn Oath I made to myself to never gamble on the streets again, like in the 80's!! Wingz Up!!"
Veröffentlicht von:Bandana WingzErscheinungsdatum :20 September 2019P-line:℗ 2019 Bandana Wingz